Purbachal Ananda Foundation has started its humble journey in the year 2005, with 4 parentless children in a mud house at Purokonda, a remote village, 14 Km. from Durgapur and 40 Kms by road from Bankura. Inspiration for the effort came through solemnizing in heart, the message of Swami Vivekananda " Jibe prem kare jei jan, sei jan sebichey Iswar. "

Purbachal Ananda Foundation is a home for socially ostracized, homeless, family less, children, located at Purokonda Village under Barjora Police Station of Bankura District, West Bengal. In our Ashrama, children from different segments, irrespective of their background are admitted for long term rehabilitation with an aim of empowering them through education and training, canopied under the umbrella of love and affection. For this noble cause, we have volunteers comprised of elderly and young people who are devoted social workers and thoroughly familiar with N G O activities. PAF is an organization believes in human values. Every child in considered to play and important roll in future for betterment of our country. Uplifting of social and moral values is our duty.

Children's Home(Ashrama)

PAF is now functioning with 49 children with absolute responsibilities of food, shelter, education.

Pre-Primary Education Centre

Local infants are brought to our centre for rendering education through games and fun. Student strength is 36.

Free Text Book Library (Jagarani)

Books on both syllabus and non-syllabus areas for class V upto Graduation to all needy children of nearby villages.

Vocational Trainning Programme

Vocational Training Programmes are being organized for needy boys and girls of the nearby villages.


In our society, there are children who are either parentless or are having single parents.

Providing Shelter to children

The children are provided with shelters which are made of child-friendly environment.


The aim of our organisation is to ensure education for all and providing shelter to the homeless children and aged persons. Apart from this, Purbachal Ananda Foundation aims at empowering women through self help groups, ensuring health, sanitation, drinking water facilities and spreading awareness about the environment and ecology to all.

In the five year period Purbachal Ananda Foundation has worked with the Government of West Bengal to organise literacy camps, provided free coaching centres to the children vulnerable to drop out of school and ensured that economically underprivileged children also have the school accessories and books. It is outcome of the hard work and sincere effort that Purbachal Ananda Foundation received one acre land as donation from Gouriya Math in Purakanda village of Bankura district, West Bengal. On this piece of land Purbachal Ananda Foundation has built a home for child in need of care and protection. With the limited resource that Purbachal Ananda Foundation has in the form of individual donations of well wishers, these underprivileged children are provided with a much needed shelter, education and health facilities.

Recent Activities

Latest News


Similar to last year, the children of the Ashram are bubbling with excitement for attending the Adventure camp this year also. It is a fact to be shared that last year , some of the children were awarded best campers among the participants. The course co-ordinators really appreciated the performances and behaviours of our children in camp amongst the other Calcutta participants. This is in fact a commendable job, our children has done. . Keeping in mind the requirement, we have Bhadrakali Padatik with Citius Adventures in collaboration to conduct the course this year also with minimum cost. The camp is of 4 days in nearby hills at Futiari, Tilaboi, Purulia, will be held in the month of January 2017, 6th to 9th. It includes training in basic rock climbing for grownups and nature study for small kids. In these four days children will be acquainted with adventure skills, care and knowledge about nature and camp life. We planned for all children of the Ashram, 31heads at a cost of Rs 2000 per child, total amounting to Rs 44000/- (22 Children) for 4 days. Apart from above if anybody wants to taste the camp life in the nature, they are most welcome to cheer our children and the cost will be Rs 2500 per person for the programme. And participation has to be communicated by 1st week of January 2017 for organising. In this context May I request your good self for sponsoring at least one Child for the cause and give them a chance to be acquainted with an extracurricular activities.

The contact details:
1. Mr. Arindam Banerjee, Secretary, +91 9233303875, pafindia@pafindia.org
2. Mr. Gautam Ghosh, Vice President, +91 94347 98927, pafpen@gmail.com
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Name of the bank: AXIS BANK LIMITED
Account No: 213010100081290
A/C type: SB
IFSC: UTIB0000213